Texas V Women, Drones V Children, Maher V a Dress: News of Justice – SOME MORE NEWS

Cody Johnston: Hi. Today we talk about the list of topics in the title, plus some other topics that aren’t in the title. Topics like Only Fans, Proud Boys, Recalls and Batman V Superman. It’s a real hodgepodge of terrible news. Yay.

0:00 – Introduction
1:44 – Maher V Aoc: Gown Of Justice
8:52 – Proud Boys V Antifa: Morons Of Justice
13:33 – California Recall V Newsom: Yawn Of Justice
18:53 – U.S. Military Drone V Innocent Civilians: Probably No Justice
25:39 – Banks V Sex Workers: Gone Of Coitus
35:25 – Texas V Woman: Dawn of What The F*ck

BobbyK for ek hornbeck

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