What Really Happened at Little Big Horn Custers Last Stand ?

The year was 1876, following years of broken treaties by the white man culminating with General Custer trying to establish a military fort upon the discovery of GOLD. Great news thought pioneer settlers 3 years after the PANIC DEPRESSION of 1873. Ditto for Custer, looking to regain his reputation after showing distinguished heroism during the Confederate War, only to have later been busted during a Court Marshall for taking his troop AWOL for an unauthorized trip so he could see his beloved wife. Ambitious to quickly regain his stature as a war hero leader, General Custer jumps in to battle with the Native Americans (aka Indians) before reinforcements arrived. But he didn’t figure the natives 2,000 fierce warriors were not about to forfeit their land granted by the two treaties signed by the United States government . And now we better understand the term “Indian Giver”

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