September 12, 2021 archive


Infrastructure Weak! – SOME MORE NEWS Cody Johnston: Hi. Here is our episode on infrastructure, infrastructure bills, and Infrastructure Week! And not climate change. Nope, this episode is totally not about climate change. … Chapters: 00:00 – Intro 3:50 – We Might Finally Fix Our Terrible Infastructure, Maybe. 9:42 – Surprise, This Episode IS About …

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The Breakfast Club (Apple Pie)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! AP’s Today in History for September 12th America faces the aftermath of the Sept. 11th attacks; Nazis rescue Italy’s Mussolini; JFK confronts critics of his religion; Student leader Steven Biko killed in South Africa; Singer Johnny Cash dies. Breakfast Tune Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) Banjo Cover – alice (lots …

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