August 22, 2021 archive


Jeff Bezos Didn’t Learn A Damn Thing In Space – SOME MORE NEWS Cody Johnston: Hi. Here’s a video about our third favorite space billionaire, Jeff Bezos, his plan to move workers into space, and his really weird voice. … Chapters 00:00 – Intro 1:32 – Mr.Bezos Went To Space, Kinda 4:32 – Mr. Bezos …

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The Breakfast Club (Say Cheese)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! AP’s Today in History for August 22nd The last Jewish settlers leave the Gaza Strip; President Bill Clinton signs welfare reform into law; Black Panthers’ co-founder Huey Newton killed; Sci-fi author Ray Bradbury and singer Tori Amos born. Breakfast Tune Devil’s Dream Something to think about, Breakfast News & Blogs …

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