The Breakfast Club (Multitasking)

The Breakfast Club (Multitasking)

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AP’s Today in History for July 25th

Andrea Doria begins to sink after a collision in the North Atlantic; An Air France Concorde crashes outside Paris; First ‘test-tube’ baby born; Golfer Ben Hogan dies; ‘A Chorus Line’ opens on Broadway.

Breakfast Tune Faith Nolan @ Occupy Toronto Oct 25 2011

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Republicans Worried Blind Worship Of Trump Overriding Traditional Values Like Blind Worship Of Reagan
The Onion

WASHINGTON—Unsettled by the direction in which their party appeared to be headed, a small group of Republicans expressed concern Monday that blind worship of former President Donald Trump had begun to erode more traditional GOP values, such as the blind worship of former President Ronald Reagan. “It’s deeply troubling to me that the Republican Party has devolved into little more than a cult of personality fixated on someone other than Ronald Reagan,” said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who observed that the lionization of a man who over the past four years made life worse for millions of Americans was a dangerous distraction from the lionization of a man who did the same thing but in the 1980s. “It’s disconcerting, with Trump, to see a charismatic entertainer hailed as the ultimate Republican despite a very troubling legacy. That’s supposed to be Reagan’s role. When it comes to the unquestioning acceptance of a man who demonized minorities and made rich people richer at the expense of working families, we must always direct our abject fealty toward the 40th president, not the 45th.” Later in the day, after meeting with GOP congressional leaders and receiving numerous calls from top donors, Kinzinger acknowledged Trump was indeed one of the greatest leaders our country had ever had.