The Breakfast Club (Elevate The Possible)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We’re a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we’re not too hungover we’ve been bailed out we’re not too exhausted from last night’s (CENSORED) the caffeine kicks in. Join us every weekday morning at 9am (ET) and weekend morning at 10:00am (ET) (or whenever we get around to it) to talk about current news and our boring lives and to make fun of LaEscapee! If we are ever running late, it’s PhilJD’s fault.

This Day in History

Novelist Ian Fleming is born. Baseball’s National League approves moving the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles. Duke fo Windsor dies

Breakfast Tunes

Something to Think about over Coffee Prozac

The role of a clown and a physician are the same – it’s to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering.

Patch Adams

Breakfast News

US News

The Latest: W Virginia steps up prizes for vaccination

California giving $116 million to people who get virus shots

Deep-rooted racism, discrimination permeate US military

Officers face charges in restraint death of Black man

Activists: Charge Louisiana troopers in Black man’s death

Century after massacre, Black Tulsans struggle for a voice

Alaska Jewish museum, gay bar tagged with swastika stickers

Sex abuse victims want AG to keep convicted priest locked up

City of Farmington asks residents to reduce water use by 10%

Corps: Appeal review for Alaska mine could take over a year

Summer travel forecast calls for longer waits, fewer choices

Genetically modified salmon head to US dinner plates

Shoppers go back to stores, but retailers face challenges

‘Dr. Beach’ says powerful Hawaii shoreline is 2021’s best

US Politics

Social spending, business tax hike drive $6T Biden budget

EPA restoring state and tribal power to protect waterways

Lawmakers wrap up work early on Louisiana’s $38B budget bill

US Supreme Court asked to not consider Wyoming coal lawsuit

Arizona Senate calls off budget vote, adjourns amid rancor

Ex-Speaker Ryan to GOP: Reject Trump, ‘2nd-rate imitations’

International News

Thailand aims at pandemic risks by fighting wildlife trade

Hong Kong changes electoral law, reduces direct public vote

US tells Russia it won’t rejoin Open Skies arms control pact

AP Interview: NATO chief says Afghan forces can cope alone

UN approves timetable for new treaty to combat cybercrime

France’s Macron admits some guilt for Rwanda’s genocide


Reds beat Nats 3-0 after Washington wins suspended game 5-3

Manoah dominates to win debut, Blue Jays split DH with Yanks

Boorish fans: 76ers, Knicks, Jazz issue bans after incidents

Bucks put Heat on brink, win 113-84 for 3-0 series lead

Dream get 1st win at Gateway Center, 101-95 over Wings

Malloy scores on error in 12th, Georgia Tech advances in ACC

Florida beats Alabama 7-2, advances to SEC semifinals

Breakfast Blogs

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Private Security Company Thinks It Should Be Able To Take People To Jail Just Like Real Cops Tim Cushing, Techdirt

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