Late Night Today

Late Night Today is for our readers who can’t stay awake to watch the shows. Everyone deserves a good laugh.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Oscars TV Show: The Movie

It’s a TV show that’s a movie about movies. Coming this Sunday.

Facts About Earth, Where Everyone Is Obsessed With Mark Johnson

It’s Earth Day and Stephen Colbert has harvested a bumper crop of facts about our home planet, including the fact that internet sensation Mark Johnson lives here!

Quarantinewhile… This Paint Is Even Whiter Than Conan O’Brien

Quarantinewhile… Like our dear friend Conan, this paint is super-white and has the power to save the world.

Tucker Carlson’s under-policing freak out

After Tucker Carlson freaks out on Fox News about under-policing, the police respond with an abundance of force.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Rudy Giuliani’s Son Considering Challenging Cuomo for New York Governorship

Republicans Freak Out About DC Statehood and the Green New Deal: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at House Democrats voting to admit Washington D.C. as the 51st state while Republicans freak out about everything from voting rights to the Green New Deal.

CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, April 19

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like mispronouncing “journeyman” before sharing the story of Phyllis Stein.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Biden Saving Earth, Lie Witness News Oscars Edition & Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Jimmy’s son Billy woke them up in the middle of the night to ask about tarantulas, we put together a montage of moms and dads trying to work from home to celebrate “Bring Your Kid to Work Day,” President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. will cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and so naturally many Republicans are against it, the Burning Man festival is coming back in August with proof of being vaccinated, and since the Oscars are on Sunday, we went out onto the street and asked people to tell us what they thought of the show, even though it hasn’t happened yet in a new edition of “Lie Witness News.”

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Enough with Mars, Let’s Make It About Earth Again

It’s Earth Day and James is hoping we can all turn our recent attention on Mars exploration to our home planet. And after James reconnects with guest camera operator, George, he gets into the headlines including President Joe Biden virtually linking up with world leaders to discuss climate. And the group debates whether James would enjoy a trip to Burning Man.