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John Oliver Gobsmacked By ‘Terribly Wrong’ Unemployment System

John Oliver took a deep dive into America’s unemployment systems, a mess of state-run programs with different rules and standards but with largely one thing in common: They’re badly broken.

“How did our system get this shitty?” Oliver asked on Sunday.

The “Last Week Tonight” segment included a woman who stood in a lengthy line at a “pop-up unemployment office” just days after giving birth because her calls, emails and other attempts to obtain aid had failed.

“Holy shit,” Oliver said. “Waiting in line for unemployment just after giving birth is already appalling, but the very phrase ‘pop-up unemployment office’ is truly alarming. Much like ‘emergency crematorium’ or ‘elephant forceps,’ it suggests things have gone terribly wrong and are about to get significantly worse.”

Oliver looked at how the job loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic exposed many of the flaws that had been in the system for years ― and some, he said were put in to deliberately make it harder for people to obtain the help they’re entitled to, especially in states like Florida.

But he also had some suggestions on how to fix it

John Oliver takes down Fox News for refusing to cover domestic terrorism over fake ‘canceling’ of Dr. Seuss

The last word on the Fox News Dr. Seuss nonsense came from John Oliver, who called out the right-wing for their fake conspiracy that the beloved children’s book author was canceled. As Oliver explained, he wasn’t, his estate decided not to publish six of his books anymore, which Oliver explained as an example of the free markets at work.

Oliver explained that the real reason that Fox News wanted to get people up in arms about Dr. Seuss was to avoid talking about domestic terrorism in the United States.

During the fake scandal, FBI Director Christopher Wray was testifying before Congress, a story carried live by every major news network except Fox. [..]

“Now that testimony was pretty newsworthy,” continued Oliver. “But while some networks took the hearings live Fox, not surprisingly, barely covered it. In fact, across conservative platforms, you’d hardly know that hearing happened because they were too busy with this.”

He went on to show a montage of conservative hosts losing their minds over Dr. Seuss. He went on to dispel the conspiracy theory and have the last word on the right-wings desperate attempts to make something “cancel culture” that hasn’t actually been canceled.