Introduction to Early Banjo History: 1620 – 1870

This short discussion, accompanied by historic images and music, outlines the gourd banjo’s use in early African American and Anglo-American folk culture. (Music provided by Clifton Hicks & Lars Prillaman.)

Banjo Heritage ?​
More Banjo History:​

“Black Banjo, Fiddle and Dance in Kentucky and the Amalgamation of African American and Anglo-American Folk Music” by George R. Gibson in Banjo Roots and Branches (Winans, 2018)…​

America’s Instrument: The Banjo in the Nineteenth Century (Gura & Bollman, 1999)

Sinful Tunes & Spirituals: Black Folk Music to the Civil War (Epstein, 1977)







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Oldtime banjo close ups and demonstrations of overhand, clawhammer, two finger, thumb lead, 2 finger, frailing and stroke styles plus Appalachian mountain hoedown, Atlantic creole creoliation, tri racial isolate and early minstrel show techniques. History, anthropology, folklore, research and musicology including breakdowns, blues, waltz pieces, tin pan alley, Afro-Caribbean and West African, Cajun zydeco, Métis, Creole, Melungeon indigenous native American music traditions. Folk art, asmr, relaxation, calming, meditation, chill, trance. Mountain music, southern culture, dark folk, murder ballad. George Gibson, Ernie Williams, Cousin Emmy, Dock Boggs, Rufus Crisp, Virgil Anderson, Lily May Ledford, Roscoe Holcomb, Unknown Henson, Tab Ward, Frank Proffitt, Riley Baugus, Tommy Jarrell, Kyle Creed, Lee Sexton, Morgan Sexton, Lead Belly, Pete Steele, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Leroy Troy, JD Crowe, Rising Appalachia, Clarence Ashley, Fred Cockerham, Dwight Diller, Gaither Carlton, John Snipes, Dink Roberts, Clifford Essex, Joe Sweeney, Archibald Ferguson, Dan Emmett, John Hartford, Picayune Butler, Gus Cannon, Art Rosenbaum, Coon Creek Girls, Grandpa Jones, Snuffy Jenkins, Buell Kazee, Bascam Lamar Lunsford, Uncle Dave Macon, Tommy Makem, Luke Kelly, Charlie Poole, Ola Belle Reed, BF Shelton, Rhiannon Giddens, Billy Whitlock, Hobart Smith, Samantha Bumgarner, Peggy Seeger, Mike Seeger, Jean Ritchie, Dom Flemons, Ralph Stanley, music tutorial, Odell Thompson, Wade Ward, Hedy West, Fred McDowell, Clifton Hicks, Stanley Hicks, Dee Hicks, Enoch Rutherford, Ray Hicks, Mabel Cawthorn, early music, medieval, renaissance, Florie Stewart, Uncle Homer Walker, Mississippi John Hurt old time, folk, trad roots picker songster troubadour minstrel medicine show tent revival hoedown. Riley Baugus, Dirk Powell, Gillian Welch, Maybelle Carter Family. Morgan Sexton, Black Banjo Songsters, Lee Sexton, Clyde Troxell, Blanche Coldiron, Banjo Bill Cornett.

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