“A Bold Thing To Do During A Pandemic” – John Oliver On The Super Bowl

The host of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver, says he enjoyed watching the Super Bowl until he realized that he is the same age as Tom Brady. Season eight of “Last Week Tonight” starts Sunday, February 14th.

John Oliver: HBO Will Never Find Out How Much All The “Last Week Tonight” Mascots Cost

John Oliver says they no longer keep the very expensive mascots from “Last Week Tonight” in a closet at the office because too many children were terrified when they stumbled on the headless costumes.

John Oliver Took The “Which Muppet Are You?” Quiz And We Gave Him The Results

Which Muppet would John Oliver be if he could live in the world of Jim Henson? We made the “Last Week Tonight” host take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out, and let’s just say he’s not a Rowlf.

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