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AP’s Today in History for January 24th

James Marshall finds a gold nugget. Winston Churchill dies. Ted Bundy is executed. Thurgood Marshall dies. John Belushi born.

Breakfast Tune Smokey Mokes by Roger Sprung on 1963-64 Folkways LP

Lrh1966 “From the rare “Progressive Bluegrass” #1, instrumental album(Folkways – FA 2370). Not sure of exact record date, since it has 1964 printed on record jacket, and 1963 printed on linear note sheet that is stored with the record.

This mono pressing is in very good shape for the most part.

Personal on the record: Banjo – “Roger Sprung”, Lead Guitar – “Doc Watson”, Rhythm Guitar – “Joe Locker”, Mandolin – “Willie Locker”, Bass – “Ollie Phillips”, Drums – “Bob Thomas”.

Transferred to digital using stereo gear in background photo.”

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‘Packed us together like sardines’: Guard deployed to Capitol struggles to contain Covid

The National Guard has struggled to implement a plan to test troops flowing into and out of Washington, D.C., for Covid-19, with some Guard members being forced to find their own tests and others pressured to leave their quarantine early to report to duty.

Already, hundreds of Guard members who poured into Washington, D.C., after the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol have tested positive for Covid-19 or are quarantining in nearby hotels, three Guard sources said. Guard leadership has declined to release an official number of positive cases, but troops and lawmakers alike worry that the deployment is becoming a superspreader event.

The problem was compounded on Thursday night, when thousands of troops who had been standing duty in the U.S. Capitol were told to vacate congressional buildings and take their rest breaks outside and in nearby parking garages. POLITICO obtained photos of Guard members packed together and sleeping on the ground in the garages. One unit was forced to rest in a garage with only one bathroom available for 5,000 troops.