And The Winners In Georgia Are: Warnock and Ossoff

As of 3 AM ET, Jon Ossoff was leading David Perdue by 12,806 votes with 98% of the votes counted. The outstanding votes are mail-ins that more often than not lean heavily Democratic. There are currently about 40 thousand outstanding votes. Ossoff’s win should be confirmed by noon tomorrow.

The race between the Reverend Raphael Warnock and Kelly Loeffler was called earlier when Warnock’s lead, which is now over 49,000 votes, became insurmountable. He will be the first Black senator from Georgia.

It’s a 50 – 50 split Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris the deciding vote. This won’t be easy, especially with the filibuster still in place and Sen. Joe “I’m really a Republican” Manchin (D?-KY) adamantly opposed to ending it. Let’s hope the Democrats don’t screw this up too much.