Late Night Today

Because we know you can’t stay up and watch these shows, here is a round up of the previous night’s late night talk show host’s opening monologues and highlight segments. We all need a good laugh at the end of the day.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert is in Wilmington, DE to interview President-Elect Joe Biden and his wife, the next First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

Stephen Sets Up Shop In Delaware To Interview The Bidens, While The President Eyes A Move To FL

Live on tape from Wilmington, Delaware your host Stephen Colbert delivers his monologue from a top secret location ahead of his sit-down with the future First Couple. Stick around for his exclusive four-part interview with President-elect Biden and Dr. Biden, followed by a special holiday performance by our maestro Jon Batiste.

The Squatter is still squatting on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Trump Really Thinks He Can Stay in the White House

The Northeast got hit by a huge snowstorm, Vice President Mike Pence plans to get the vaccine on television, Trump is floating the idea of refusing to leave office, the Mayor of Atlantic City is auctioning off a chance to blow up one of Trump’s former casinos, a list of COVID-themed baby names that will never see the light of day, a special gift from Jimmy & Guillermo, a holiday themed edition of Masking Questions, and Jimmy interviews 9-year-old Daniel & his mom Danielle from Brooklyn after seeing a very funny video of him cursing about the F**king lockdown.

Late Night with Seth Meyer takes a Closer Look at the Squatter’s threat to not leave the White House.

Trump Threatens Not to Leave White House on Inauguration Day

Seth takes a closer look at the president and his enablers continuing their attempt to end democracy just a month ahead of the end of the Trump administration.

On the last show of 2020, Late, Late Show with James Corden comments on Vice President Pemce skipping town after he presides over congress confirming President=Elect Joe Biden the 46th President of The United States.

Pence Heading to the Middle East to Hide from MAGA

It’s the last show Late Late Show of 2020 and James has tucked in to the tequila before diving into the headlines, including a busy day for Vice President Mike Pence who will be heading to the Middle East after confirming President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in January and will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine live on TV. And James recalls the time he worked for a Scottish man at a grocery store.