Late Night Today

This is a round up of the previous night’s late night talk show host’s opening monologues and highlight segments, because we need a good laugh to get through the rest of the evening.

The Late Night with Seth Meyers is off this week. He returns on Monday night.

Three of our former presidents have volunteered to take the CoVid-19 vaccine live. In his opening monologue, Stephen Colbert has invited them to do it on The Late Show.

Stephen Invites Presidents Obama, Bush And Clinton To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine On A Late Show

Just like Elvis Presley, who got vaccinated for polio at the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956, Stephen Colbert invites former presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush to demonstrate their confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine by getting their inoculations LIVE on A Late Show.

In his “Quarantinewhile” segment, Stephen reviews the latest happenings with those mysterious monoliths that have suddenly popped up and just a suddenly disappeared in “Mon-while.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live looks at the new California stay at home orders and laughs at the latest in what Charlie Pierce calls El Caudillo Del Mar-a-Lago‘s “Rolling Blunder.”

Trump & Giuliani’s Falsehoods, Fraud & Farts

Los Angeles is under a “Safer at Home” order, LeBron James & Anthony Davis just signed up to stay with the Lakers, the Trumps took part in the 98th annual Tree Lighting, Presidents Obama, Clinton & Bush are joining forces to get the COVID-19 vaccine on TV, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is getting ready for two holiday parties at the State Department this month, Trump isn’t happy with Attorney General Bill Barr, VP Mike Pence is distancing himself from election fraud claims, Rudy Giuliani is leading craziness and passing gas at “election hearings,” Trump released a 46 minute video full of falsehoods, our first ever edition of “Masking Questions,” and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Every Christmas cosmetic companies come out with new fragrances that get sponsored by big name celebrities. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah takes a sniff at a candle by Drake and comments on England’s Queen needing a new assistant.

Your House Can Smell Like Drake & The Queen Is Hiring

A Chinese robot collects samples on the moon, the U.N. backs down on labeling marijuana as a dangerous drug, Drake’s latest release is a candle that smells like him, and Queen Elizabeth needs a new personal assistant.

On The Late, Late Show with James Corden, we get a good laugh at Rudy Giuliani’s star witness and Christmas shopping.

A Star Witness Was Born in Michigan Thanks to Rudy

James Corden kicks off the show and admits he’s a bit freaked out about his lack of Christmas shopping to this point. After, he looks at the headlines, notably Rudy Guiliani heading to Michigan in the latest chapter of the election fight for President Donald Trump. But Rudy’s star witness Melissa Carone stole the show with her antics. And James bravely declares he’s willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine on television with former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.