The Trumpublicans think they can just say anything without consequence until some Trumpidiot acts on it.

Olbermann vs. Trump #33: Trump Lawyer Wants Chris Krebs Executed. The Death Threat As A Trump Tactic

First it was Steve Bannon, live on a feed insisting Dr. Anthony Fauci’s head should be cut off and placed on a pike outside the White House for disagreeing with Trump. Now, it’s Trump attorney (and veteran ambulance chaser and cable news gasbag) Joe diGenova, on NewsMax suggesting executing and drawing-and-quartering the former Homeland Security Voting chief Chris Krebs – for contradicting Trump.

The death threat usually isn’t so foolishly on the record (Bannon and diGenova can both be charged with crimes) and it isn’t exclusively a right wing tactic. But just as it was under George W. Bush, it is a prominent feature of the cult that the combination of a right-wing president and criticism of him can create.

I know. My life has now been threatened by admirers of the last two Republican presidents. I’ll take you inside the reality of the death threat – the reality that Fauci and now Krebs and so many of us in the media face on an all-too-regular basis.

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