Late Night Today

This is a round up of the previous night’s late night talk show host’s opening monologues and highlight segments, because we need a good laugh to get through the rest of the day.

With Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

President Sore Loser Gives Up Opposition To Biden’s Transition After Exhausting Legal Options In PA

After losing his last lawsuit in Pennsylvania and facing calls from Republicans to give up the fight, the president on Monday announced that he would no longer block GSA head Emily Murphy from formally beginning the transfer of executive power to President-elect Biden.

Seth Meyers takes a Closer Look: Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself

Seth takes a closer look at Trump firing one of his lawyers after she claimed the election was rigged as part of a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, the Republican governor of Georgia and the president of Venezuela – who died seven years ago.

It’s day 20 of #Squattergate on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Trump Desperately Tries to Keep Job He Doesn’t Even Do

Day 20 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump tweeted and golfed his way through the virtual G-20 summit, a new Trump character was introduced and then promptly killed off, Jimmy has another new plan to trick Trump out of the White House, Donald Trump Jr. (DJTJ) tested positive for “The Rona,” Eric Trump’s wife Lara is looking to potentially run for the Senate in North Carolina, despite CDC warnings airports were packed in anticipation of Thanksgiving, we discover Guillermo’s Star Wars obsession after he decorated his front yard for Christmas, and a new high-tech option to celebrate the holidays from home.

On The Late, Late Show with James Cordon

Trump’s Legal Team Is Getting Too Crazy for Trump

James Corden kicks off the show with a bit of breaking news from his head writer, Ian Karmel, who just learned the federal GSA office will officially begin the presidential transition process from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. And Trump had to part ways with one of his lawyers for her conspiracy theories that were even a bit much for the president, who hasn’t shows himself much since the election.


Larry Wilmore has his own show again on the free streaming service Peacock. He mocks the Trump campaign’s failed election lawsuits.

Rudy Giuliani’s voter fraud lawsuits are trying to overload us with disinformation

We’re now 17 days into Election Day and a couple dozen lawsuits into the ongoing legal matter of Rudolph Giuliani v. Reality. Spoiler alert! Reality is kicking Giuliani’s ass.