Docudharma Afternoon News

In the US the CoVid-19 pandemic rages on with the death toll surpassing 250 thousand with over1 million new cases reported since last week. In Europe, one person dies from the virus every one second. Hospitals are once again on the edge of being overwhelmed and staffing is becoming an issue as many becoming infected and burnout sets in.

The CDC is now advising against travel for Thanksgiving. Look on the bright side of that, it will be quieter with less mess in the kitchen.

There are reports of panic buying of toilet paper again. This time there is enough to go around.

In the election news, still no visible signs from Trump who is holed up in the White House. He is still hanging on to the false hope that the courts will overturn a fair and safe election. So far, he losses in court are 1 win:28 losses. 62 days left until noon January 20. Critical states are moving to certify the vote in spite of Trump’s attempts to stop the process.

Trump is still threatening to fire anyone who cooperates with the transition and the head of the GSA is still disregarding her legal duty to certify Joe Biden as president-elect. It will take some time for the country to calm done and inch back to some kind of normalcy. It will be nice to have a chief executive in the Oval Office who knows how to govern.

Some good news about the 2020 Census. It’s been delayed due to issues with the data that will take an additional 20 days to fix, delaying the release of survey’s apportionment data until after President Trump leaves office. Trump had been seeking to exclude undocumented immigrants from that count, with a policy that several lower courts have deemed illegal in rulings Trump is hoping the Supreme Court will overturn. Excluding undocumented immigrants from that count would decrease the House seats given to immigrant-rich states like California, and increase the representation for whiter, more Republican parts of the country. The apportionment will now be determined by the new president.