2020 Presidential Primaries: The Bloom Is Gone

After spending hundred of millions od dollars to blanket the airways with ads and his dismal showing in the primaries yesterday, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ended his campaign.

As the candidate who claims he is best positioned to defeat President Donald Trump in November licked his wounds, his campaign signalled to NBC News that Bloomberg will reassess his candidacy Wednesday when a fuller data picture comes in. [..]

But results ultimately showed Bloomberg facing a crushing fourth place finish in no fewer than five of the 14 Super Tuesday states including key battleground Virginia, where he came up empty after reportedly sinking $18 million into advertising and ground operations in the state, dozens of times more than winner Biden invested there.

One consolation: Bloomberg was projected to win in the remote Pacific island territory of American Samoa, hardly the nation’s heartland.

Announcing that he planned to stay involved in the 2020 election, Bloomberg threw his support to former Vice President Joe Biden.

So, the Bloom is gone and so are his incessant ads about himself.