2020 Presidential Primaries: Northern Mariana Islands Convention

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I) won the the Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses Saturday. A small string of islands in the Pacific, that has been a US territory since 1975, will send six delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July. As a territory, the Northern Mariana Islands gets a voice in the primary, but not in the general election in November. However, unlike in the US territory of American Samoa, anyone born on the island is automatically an American citizen and could theoretically vote if they were to move to a US state and register to vote there.

Sanders won with 84 votes, while former Vice President Joe Biden received 48 votes and two went uncommitted. Sanders’ win in the contest translates to four national delegates, while Biden captured two. [..]

Biden has a near 150-delegate lead over Sanders, after the former vice president racked up a series of victories earlier this month that catapulted him to front-runner status, according to CNN’s delegate count.

Sanders on Wednesday vowed to stay in the race despite the narrowing path for him to win the nomination.

The two candidates are scheduled to debate Sunday, which has been moved from Arizona to Washington, DC, amid coronavirus concerns.

The debate comes ahead of another round of Democratic primaries Tuesday in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio, which total to 577 delegates up for grabs.