The Russian Connection: Kentucky’s Catch 22

The Senate Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch, has put his home state, Kentucky, behind the proverbial 8 ball with his Catch 22 legislative maneuvering to secure a deal with a still sanctioned Russian aluminum oligarch, Oleg Derepaska. His economic treason has left his state’s legislature and the US Congress no room to reign in Russian interference in US affairs.

Kentucky State Representative Kelly Flood talks with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow about her reservations about supporting a new aluminum plant in Kentucky now that much of the financing for the project comes from a previously sanctioned Russian company founded by the still-sanctioned Deripaska.

Rachel next guest, Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, talks about Russia’s strategy of exploiting a country’s instability or disunity and installing its businesses into a country’s economy to get leverage over the target country’s political decisions.