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AP’s Today in History for August 4th

Nazi police arrest Anne Frank and family; Britain declares war on Germany in World War I; Three civil rights workers found slain in Mississippi; The Bordens axed to death; Jazz great Louis Armstrong born.


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‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
The Onion (Biolerplate / MadLibs DIY Edits)

(CITY, STATE) — In the hours following a violent rampage in (STATE) in which a lone attacker killed (NUMBER) individuals, including a (GOOD GUY WITH A GUN), and seriously injured at least (NUMBER) others, citizens living in the only country where this kind of mass killing routinely occurs reportedly concluded (DAY OF WEEK) that there was no way to prevent the massacre from taking place.

“This was a terrible tragedy, but sometimes these things just happen and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them,” said (STATE) resident (RANDOM PERSON), echoing sentiments expressed by tens of millions of individuals who reside in a nation where over half of the world’s deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the past 50 years and whose citizens are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than those of other developed nations.

“It’s a shame, but what can we do? There really wasn’t anything that was going to keep this individual from snapping and killing a lot of people if that’s what they really wanted.”

At press time, residents of the only economically advanced nation in the world where roughly two mass shootings have occurred every month for the past eight years were referring to themselves and their situation as “helpless.”



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Arlington, Texas, Police Officer Shoots, Kills Woman While Aiming At Loose Dog
Ryan Grenoble, Huffington Post

An Arlington, Texas, police officer accidentally shot and killed a woman Thursday evening while aiming at a loose dog that was barking and approaching the officer.

The officer and emergency medical personnel had been called to conduct a welfare check on the woman, later identified as 30-year-old Margarita Victoria Brooks, whom the caller reported was passed out in a grassy area.

As the officer approached and called out to Brooks, an unrestrained dog began to run at the officer, barking.

The officer retreated backward from the animal, unholstered his firearm and fired multiple shots at the dog. After the shots were fired, Brooks began to cry out and “it was apparent she was injured,” Arlington Police said in a written release.

Brooks was transported to a local hospital where she was declared dead.

“Preliminary information leads investigators to believe the woman was struck by gunfire from the officer,” the police department said in the statement.