Six In The Morning Tuesday 30 July 2019

Brain drain claimed 1.7 million youths. So this country is scrapping its income tax

Updated 0658 GMT (1458 HKT) July 30, 2019

Being young and Polish has never been this lucrative.

A new law that comes into effect in Poland this week will scrap income tax for roughly 2 million young workers.
It’s an attempt by the government to stop the dramatic brain drain Poland has experienced since it joined the European Union 15 years ago.
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the tax exemption will bring new opportunities for young people “so they match those available in the West.”

More Afghan civilians killed by government and Nato than Taliban

UN figures for first half of 2019 blame 717 deaths on pro-Kabul forces and 531 on militants

More Afghan civilians were killed by Afghan and Nato forces than by the Taliban and other militants in the first half of 2019, according to UN figures, suggesting that similar findings for the first quarter of the year were not a blip.

Most of the civilian casualties were apparently inflicted during Afghan and Nato operations against insurgents, such as airstrikes and night raids on militant hideouts. Insurgents often hide among civilians.

The report by the UN mission in Afghanistan said 403 civilians were killed by Afghan forces in the first six months of the year and another 314 by international forces, a total of 717. In the same period 531 were killed by the Taliban, an Islamic State affiliate and other militants.


New planet is part of ‘a true Disneyland’ for researchers looking for alien worlds, scientists say

Nasa has found three new planets – including a kind of world unseen in our own solar system.

The mysterious planets, part of the TOI-270 system, are “missing link” worlds and could be a huge gift to researchers looking for alien worlds, they said.

The three planets orbit a star that is only 73 light years away. It makes them among the closest exoplanets ever found, as well as being among the smallest.

They were discovered by researchers using Nasa’s Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which was shot into space in 2018 and has been scanning the universe for stars and planets that could support alien life.

Conflict over resources: 164 activists killed last year

Over 160 people were killed for trying to protect the environment in 2018, says NGO Global Witness. While the Philippines tops the list with 30 deaths, the number of killed activists nearly quintupled in Guatemala.

164 people lost their lives worldwide last year as a result of conflicts in the agricultural industry, timber industry and mining sector, a study conducted by the NGO Global Witness revealed on Tuesday.

It said that much of the persecution of environmental activists is being driven by demand for the land and raw materials needed for products we consume every day, including food, mobile phones and jewelry.

Accused 9/11 mastermind open to testimony against Saudi Arabia

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed open to testifying in victims’ lawsuit if US decides not to seek the death penalty against him.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the accused al-Qaeda mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, has indicated a willingness to cooperate in a lawsuit filed by victims seeking damages from Saudi Arabia, if the United States decides not to seek the death penalty against him.

Mohammed’s offer was disclosed late on Friday in a letter filed in the US District Court in Manhattan by lawyers representing individuals and businesses seeking billions of dollars in damages, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters news agency reported on Monday.

At least 57 dead in Brazil prison riot


At least 57 prisoners were killed by other inmates during clashes between organized crime groups at the Altamira prison in northern Brazil on Monday, according to prison officials.

Para state prison authorities said a fight erupted around 7 a.m., between the Rio de Janeiro-based Comando Vermelho and a local criminal group known as Comando Classe A.

“Leaders of the [Comando Classe A] set fire to a cell belonging to one of the prison’s pavilions, where members of the [Comando Vermelho] were located,” the statement read.