Racism, Lies and Impeachment

Over the weekend and into the start of this week, the Liar/Racist/Sexual Assaulter-in-Chief has resorted to racist rhetoric and lies. He escalated his racist attacks on House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the city of Baltimore and Mr. Cummings’ district to include MSNBC host Reverend Al Sharpton. At the signing of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Act, Donnie lied about his role on that day and the clean-up. He was never at the downtown site.

Last night, the Chair of the Hose Judiciary Committee, where an impeachment inquiry must start, Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) spoke with Lawrence O’Donnell, host of “The Last Word.” Mr. Nadler talked about the latest developments on impeaching Donnie, defended Rep. Cummings and addresses Donnie’s latest 9/11 lies.