The Breakfast Club (Rigged Game)

Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We’re a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we’re not too hungover we’ve been bailed out we’re not too exhausted from last night’s (CENSORED) the caffeine kicks in. Join us every weekday morning at 9am (ET) and weekend morning at 10:00am (ET) (or whenever we get around to it) to talk about current news and our boring lives and to make fun of LaEscapee! If we are ever running late, it’s PhilJD’s fault.

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This Day in History

Rutherford B. Hayes declared U.S. President after disputed election, Mikhail Gorbachev born, “King Kong” and “The Sound of Music” premiere in NYC.

Breakfast Tunes

Something to Think about over Coffee Prozac

Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.

Matt Taibbi

Breakfast News

West Virginia Senate doesn’t vote on teacher pay raise

US companies taking stands, facing retribution over guns

US complying with Iran deal, judge says in Boeing ruling

Pro-gun Georgia lawmakers punish Delta for crossing the NRA

States seek to lure Delta as Georgia moves forward on threat

Court orders hearing on whether migrant teen wants abortion

Court overturns conviction in fatal school bathroom attack

Kentucky House votes to tax opioids to close budget gap

Nor’easter, life-threatening flooding to sweep East Coast

Putin shows new Russian nuclear weapons: ‘It isn’t a bluff’

UN official: Pauses in Syria suburb unilateral, ‘not enough’

South Korea’s Moon plans to send envoy to North Korea soon

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen charged over IS photos

Hack of German government network caused considerable damage

Armenia annuls normalization protocols with Turkey

Snow, high winds paralyze European airports, claim lives

After Olympics, South Korea mulls reviving bulldozed forest

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