2017 Election Night Results

The polls have closed in Virginia and we are awaiting the first results in the race for governor, lieutenant governor, state attorney general and 100 state house seats. The polls in New Jersey close at 8 PM ET and in New York at 9 PM ET. There is one down ballot race that has some importance in Washington state. A win by Democrats in a state senate seat sill determine if they will control that body. Democrats would then control both chambers and the governorship. in Utah there is a special election to replace Rep, Justin Chaffetz (R). Republicans are expected to hold onto that House seat.

All eyes are on Virginia which has turned into a tight race that pundits see as a referendum on Donald Trump. it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that races for NJ governor and New York City mayor will go to the Democrats who have held substantial leads in the pols for weeks. Expect those races to be called shortly after the polls close. Virginia, however, is going to be a late night and may result in calls for recounts.

Up Date 1 – 2005 ET: CNN, MSNBC have called the New Jersey governors race for the Democrat Phil Murphy, the former US Ambassador to Germany.

Up Date 2 – 2015 ET: MSNBC and CNN are projecting the Ralph Northam will be the next governor of Virginia. Thismay not be as late a night as expected.

Up Date 3 – 2200 ET: as was expected, shortly after polls closed NYC Mayor Bil de Blasio was reelected to a second term.

In other races, Democrat Danica Roen is the first transgender to be elected to the state legislature. The Democrats need 17 seats to take back the House of Delegates. So far they have taken 10 and lead in seven others.

Up Date 4 – 0001 ET: In Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh won a second four-year term by beating City Councilor Tito Jackson after a low-key campaign.

Maine voters approved a measure allowing them to join 31 other states in expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

John Curtis, the Republican mayor of the Mormon stronghold of Provo, has been elected to finish out the term of Rep. Justin Chaffetz (R-UT3) who resigned.

Democrat Manka Dhingra led with 55 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s general election count. The final results may not in until Wednesday. If the seat flips to Democrats, Washington will join Oregon and California with total Democratic rule in both legislative chambers and the governor’s office.