The US Media Reeling Over British Attacks

In his opening segment John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” laced in the the US media over its narrative the British are reeling and the notion that England is “under siege” after the latest attacks by Muslim extremists in Manchester and London. The British, too, were upset by the coverage and took to twitter to chastise the media using the hashtag #THINGSTHATLEAVEBRITAINREELING to talk about what could actually “rock them to their core” like tea being made in the microwave or accidental eye contact on the train.

The US media seems to forget we are talking about the British who withstood Germany’s blitz during World War Two. The is a lot truth to that saying about keeping a stiff upper lip and carry on. The Brits are no wimps and will not let acts of ” monumental a–holes” bring the country to its knees.

Just as an example of the stalwart attitude, John recounted the experience of one man who witnessed the London attack from a restaurant where he was dining. The next day, he returned to pay his bill and tip the wait staff.

“We’re not going to let these people win, and I keep saying that if me having a gin and tonic with my friends, flirting with handsome men and hanging out with brilliant women is what offends these people so much, I’m going to do it more, not less. Because that’s what makes London so great,” the man said.

Oliver then brought out his own gin and tonic and gave a “cheers” to the man before ending the segment.

We here at The Stars Hollow Gazette and Docudharma stand with the British. Cheers.