French Presidential Election Results

As per The Guardian, centrist Emmanuel Macron, 39, will become the next president of France. He trounced Marine La Pen, as expected, winning by a wide margin.

The centrist Emmanuel Macron is the next president of France, defeating his far right rival Marine Le Pen by a comfortable 65.1% to 34.9%, according to a usually reliable vote estimate by pollsters Ispos/Sopra Steria for French state TV and radio and Le Monde.

Vote estimates by other polling organisations for different French media show a broadly similar result, although some are showing marginal variations. The abstention rate is estimated at 25.3%, the highest since 1969 but not unexpected for such an unusual election.

Ms La Pen has spoken to her supporters, hailing a “historic” score for her party and promising to “lead the fight” in the France’s parliamentary elections next month. She pledged a “profound transformation” of the Front National to create “a new political force”. She said she in now the leader of the biggest opposition force and will continue her battle against globalization.

Mr. Macron will give his acceptance speech in the plaza in front of the Louvre. He becomes the youngest president and has never held elected office. His political party, En Marche, did not exist a year ago.