The Insanity Will Continue

The majority who didn’t vote for the psychopathic narcissist are going to have to sit through another round of voodoo economics, also known as trickle down economics. From one of my favorite reality based news sites, The F@#*king News.

GOP Readies Sweeping Jobs Plan To Create Millions of New, Angry Trump Voters By Sweeping Away Their Jobs

Congressional Republicans are preparing a new legislative avalanche so ambitious it will require members of Congress to work five whole days a week, insiders told Politico. The goal—create legions of new, angry, economically disenfranchised voters, to give Pres.-elect Donald Fucking Trump in 2020 what would be his first actual popular-vote victory.

The plan—actually, overtly being referred to and discussed as a repeat of the disastrous 1994 Contract with America—involves simultaneously fucking public-sector workers and reducing the number of private-sector workers.

Front and center of the new legislative agenda will be a tax-reform package so sweeping it will create vast numbers of jobs overseas and resume the departure of jobs from American shores. One of the actual fucking highlights under consideration is a massive tax cut on profits that flag-waving, American asshole corporations have sheltered overseas to avoid paying American taxes to America, the land that they want you to sing the national anthem to before fucking football games.

Current law lets companies avoid paying taxes until the money comes to the US, and Trump has proposed cutting that rate from 35% to 10%, which would trigger the return of trillions of dollars to the US. According to Trump, American corporations will use that money to create jobs.

Here’s how the plan will actually not work, according to those raving Trotskyites at Bloomberg News:

  • More than 90% of repatriated money in the last such tax holiday, 2004, went to dividends (investors), share buybacks (rich investors), and executives (rich assholes).
  • Pharmaceutical companies will use the money to merge with and acquire other companies, creating bigger companies that will then reduce redundancies by firing the American workers who voted for the tax break that just funded their layoffs.
  • Manufacturing companies will invest in upgrading their factories. With robots. Specifically, HR robots who will escort newly laid-off American workers off the premises so they can go register as angry Republicans.
  • Growing companies will invest in developing markets that show the most potential for growth, namely, not-America markets. General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt said last week he supports the Trump policy and, wait for it, “we have a lot of reinvestment opportunities outside the United States.”
That’s right. Trump is going to create jobs by giving tax breaks to companies so they’ll move their money back to America, where instead of using it to create American jobs in America they’ll invest in “opportunities” outside America, which is where American workers are going to go if they can’t afford to stay here and re-elect Trump because they’re angry that they lost their jobs.
Previous GOP efforts to kill jobs—such as opposing the auto-industry bailout because it would help the rare, endangered species known as Laborium organizii—have enjoyed only partial success, because Democrats have been able to offset the economic hit by hiring public-sector workers. This time, however, Republicans are planning ahead.

The Trumpublican agenda includes reducing the number of government workers and making it harder for them to keep their jobs, organize, or get paid money for doing work stuff.

The job-genociding effect of all these policies—known as The Great Obama Recession of 2018 for short—will fuel public anger against Democratic Party elites and convince voters to elect even more Republicans in 2020 to finish the job of digging America out of the oddly GOP-shaped hole Obama left behind.

This is what a minority of angry white people voted for, disaster capitalism. The inventor of that policy, privatization and free market guru Milton Friedman, preached creating economic disasters with deregulation and tax reduction. This is what the Republicans now in charge of the economic fate of millions of American are going to do. Talk about voting against your own best interests. Yes, this is going to be very painful.