Michael Moore: Flint Was A Hate Crime And Taking Down Trump

During a ten minute interview with Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time,” activist and Academy award winning documentary producer Michael Moore discussed his new film “Where to Invade Next;” how the poisoning of the water supply in Flint, Michigan was a race hate; rips President Barack Obama for drinking the water; and plans with Bill on how they can stop Donald Trump.

They did it because it’s a black city, a poor city,” Moore told Real Time host Bill Maher. “They wouldn’t do this to Bloomfield Hills or Ann Arbor or Grosse Pointe. This was a hate crime — it was a hate crime based on this race hatred of this particular party.”

This was a decision made by a Republican governor to give the rich in Michigan a $1 billion tax break,” he said. “And then when they had $1 billion less dollars in the budget, it was like ‘OK, what are we gonna do? We gotta cut back on services — anybody got any ideas?’

I’m very upset that President Obama went there and drank a glass of water and said, ‘It’s OK everybody to drink the water,’” he said. “It was just a stunning, sad thing to see happen.

Because he took the light off of it?” Maher asked.

Completely,” Moore said. “No one’s gonna worry about it [anymore] … It’s really shameful that he did that.”

H/t to Raw Story