Not Easy Bein’ Green (Bernie or Bust versus Lesser Evil)

I while back in a piece called Playing the Medium Long Game I promised I’d make the case that Bernie, win big or lose big, is the Lesser Evil.

Upon some reflection, me, calling Bernie the Lesser Evil is what the professionals call an inartful choice of words. I can live with that.

It’s primary day here in the nutmeg state and I’m on my way out the door to vote for Bernie. I’ve done my best not to jinx him. (Usually any time I volunteer or donate to a campaign not my own, the candidate immediately quits.) Instead, as quietly as possible, I’ve made the case one on one and so far it’s worked. All of my democrat family and friends are feeling the Bern. I’m hoping there’s an upset.

On the pages of Salon and elsewhere the debate goes on. Bernie or Bust folks like me are told:

1) Only Hillary can beat the Republicans because “Socialist!”
2) Only Hillary can “Get Shit Done”.
3) If Hillary is the nominee and she doesn’t win OMG the supreme court! (also known as the Vote the Lesser Evil argument)

I’ve got an answer for all 3.

Answer 1:
The right wing noise machine has been screaming “Kenyan Socialist Dictator” for 8 years. Nobody under 60 except for Republican kooks are going to fall for that. And the polls already show it. Bernie beats them all. Hillary can only beat Trump in a squeaker. She even loses to Cruz.

Answer 2:

Only Hillary can get “Republican Shit” Done!
Does anyone really believe she’s not a Republican Lite? If Hillary wins it all do you really think she would sign a living wage bill, tax carbon, or get tough with with Wall Street or the Health Care industry? Please. When Hillary is president get ready for more wars, more rich getting richer, more poor getting poorer, privatized everything, raising the retirement age, cuts to the social safety net, more and more of the same 3rd way crap pulling this country further and further down. I’m not saying Bernie is not going to face republican obstruction, for sure he will. But if you can only get half a loaf you better make sure the loaf is big enough to make a difference. The antidote to Extreme Republicanism is NOT Republican Lite.

Answer 3:
The Supremes have to live here too. You can’t jail everyone, and if uprisings prevent them from getting their morning coffee…. My point is they DO put their fingers to the wind. They’ve had the votes when Scalia was alive to reverse Roe and they didn’t because it would finish the Republican Party. They will nibble at the edges. Return social issues to states and try to slow down the republican party’s inevitable death. Seriously, if the dog ever truly catches the abortion truck, it doesn’t work out to well for the dog. Just like with marriage equality, the supreme court can be swayed by popular opinion, and not wanting to be remembered as on the losing side of history.

My Lesser Evil case for Bernie or Bust-

It’s all about 2020. We’ll likely only lose one more liberal on the court in the next 4 years. It’s much more likely there will be more replacements needed in the 2020 term. If you think Hillary can win again in 2020 governing as a Republican Lite I have some real estate in Brooklyn to sell you.

2020 is the big prize. Governors, state legislatures up and down the line. The census and redistricting will bake the cake for the next decade. Thanks to weak 3rd way corporate democrats, this decade is already toast. Call me Susan Sarandon if you’d like. Bernie isn’t perfect. He’s wrong on drones among other things. But he is the lesser evil. Hillary is the most effective one. And the Republicans are the more naked ones.

It’s unlikely Bernie will win but he has set the table well for a progressive wave in 2020. If there is a silver lining to the rough weather ahead it’s that the Republicans and the Democrats are likely nominating the least popular candidates they possibly can.

Could you ask for a better year for the Greens? JILL STEIN 2016!!!

Sesame Street – Bein’ Green (1969)

Why Wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful!
And I think it’s what I want to be.