The Democratic Primary Is Not A Purity Contest.

There are “purity” supporters for both Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, who say that they will sit out the general election in November if there candidate is not the nominee. That is stupid. Have they seen the Republican candidates? Or the debates? But it’s happening. Secretary Clinton, for the moment, seems to have the nomination in sight which has ignited the Bernie Purity Brigade into throwing a social media tantrum. Bernie Purists are attacking Senator Elizabeth Warren for not supporting Bernie is just inane. Saying “Bernie is white and for whites only” or that his plans are unrealistic are destructive. Reality check, neither Hillary or Bernie is perfect. They both have their flaws and strong points. Both are more than qualified to be president. Not voting in November because the candidate you support now won’t be on the ballot is dangerous and puts our country at great economic and
social risk.

In the last segment of his HBO show, Bill Maher took the purity trolls to the woodshed.

When Elizabeth Warren failed to endorse Sanders, Maher explained, her Facebook page was “bombarded” with angry messages from Bernie supporters.
“Really? Elizabeth Warren is the enemy now?” Maher said. “She’s helped more millennials than Adderall.”

“There are real enemies out there,” he added. “Have you seen a Republican debate?”

“This is gonna be the death of liberals, this nitpicky, intramural attacking of friends for insufficient purity,” Maher said, likening it to, “compulsively cleaning up one little corner of the room that’s already pretty clean, while there are giant piles of shit everywhere else.”

Full disclosure, I resigned from the Democratic Party in May 2008. Although I am still a registered Democrat here in New York due to their closed primaries, I have remained neutral about which Democrat wins the nomination. Which ever one wins, he or she will make a far superior president than any of the GOP candidates. I hate that the media is so reliant on the polling and mostly ignores the issues. Most people know very little about the candidates’ platforms or history Here at Stars Hollow and Docudharma, I hope we can correct that without bias.

I will vote in November, most likely for the Democrat because the thought of any Republican in the White House is terrifying. It should terrify the Democratic purists, too.