The Dawning

If the crass candidacy of Donald “Drumpf” Trump, it may have forced a few people to admit to some cold hard facts about Republican policies and voters.

On MSNBC Joe “Schmoe” Scarborough finally admitted that after thirty years only rich people benefited from Republican economic policies.

“The problem with the Republican Party over the past 30 years is they haven’t — and I’ll say, we haven’t — developed a message that appeals to the working class Americans economically in a way that Donald Trump’s does,” the former Republican lawmaker explained. “We talk about cutting capital gains taxes that the 10,000 people that in the crowd cheering for Donald Trump, they are never going to get a capital gains cut because it doesn’t apply.”

“We talk about getting rid of the death tax,” he continued. “The death tax is not going to impact the 10,000 people in the crowd for Donald Trump. We talk about how great free trade deals are. Those free trade deals never trickle down to those 10,000 people in Donald Trump’s rallies.”

“You sound like Bernie Sanders,” NBC’s Chuck Todd pointed out.

“But herein lies the problem with the Republican Party,” Scarborough complained. “It never trickles down! Those people in Trump’s crowds, those are all the ones that lost the jobs when they get moved to Mexico and elsewhere. The Republican donor class are the ones that got rich off of it because their capital moved overseas and they made higher profits.” [..]

“The Republicans said, listen, we’re going to have all of these trade deals and tax cuts that benefit our wealthiest donor class, but we’ll give them the social issues,” Scarborough said of the last 30 years. “We’ll give them abortion, we’ll give them gay marriage, we’ll give them guns and they’ll vote for us.”

“What we’re finding this year is, they’ll even support a guy who says Planned Parenthood is good if he comes with an economic approach that they feels that could actually help them more in the future.”

Next up is Frank Luntz the “bad boy” of GOP political operatives. After the Fox News sponsored Democratic forum with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Luntz held a session with Democratic voters for their take on the forum and the primary elections season so far. Luntz, sounding a bit stunned, had to admit that compared to the Republican focus groups he had conducted, the Democrats were “more thoughtful” and “less emotional” than their GOP counterparts.

Luntz: Are you happy with the Democratic campaign so far? Do you think it has been good for the Democratic party?

Person 1: Absolutely. It really shows America that this is the way we can relate to each other as humans. Respect each other’s dignity.

Luntz: You buy that?

Person 2: Stark contrast to what we have seen on the other side, what we have seen on the Democratic side, full of substance.

Luntz: I have to tell you that it is a stark contrast, you are in your participation thoughtful, you are less emotional. you are very thoughtful. And it is something not seen enough of and I’m glad we had the chance Megyn, to bring it to your viewers tonight. This is going to be a very long campaign cycle. it is unclear who is going to emerge at the end. What is clear is the voice of the voter and that is exactly what you got.

“The Drumpf” has them scared straight.