Oregon Terrorist Occupation Enters 2nd Week

The armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by a group of white terrorists from other state has entered its second week with no clear end in site. The FBI, who took over operations, has so far done nothing, allowing these heavily armed men freedom to come and go as they please and destroy government property and rummaging government documents, possibly hacking into the facility’s computers.

Despite the residents of the nearby town of Burns telling these thugs to leave, the Bundy Bunch hasn’t budged. According to one of the gunmen, the gang wants to hold a community meeting where they will announce when they will depart

The lack of any action by the federal government to contain these white privileged terrorist leaves one wondering just what is there plan to hold them accountable for what amounts to sedition. As climate activist Tim DeChristopher tells Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman, it looks like they are more afraid of civil disobedience than armed “militias.”

Transcript can be read here