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Director dad displays dastardly deeds of dino daughter with cool special effects


When raising a toddler, the one thing on every parent’s mind is: Nap time is critical. When you miss nap time, there can be tantrums, screaming, crying and your sweet little one can transform into a kaiju-like terror. One couples’ child had such an incident and it resulted in the destruction of Little Tokyo by Godzilly – King of Daughters. Luckily, dad was there to capture the rampage.

Residents thought it would be another normal day in tiny town, going about their everyday business. The military were even running a standard run of the mill mustering drill, expecting another day of pleasant boredom. And then…Godzilly, Godzilla’s adorable henchbaby, struck!


  • 95.1: Percent of all goods imported to Japan that will become tariff-free under the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal
  • 88: Percent of respondents to a survey who say they believe newspapers can still play a role in providing “information and knowledge.” The poll was conducted by a newspaper
  • 9: People injured late last month outside the Turkish Embassy, during what was believed to be a clash between Turks and ethnic Kurds


  • Recently disclosed government documents reveal that, in 2009, officials at TEPCO rejected a request from nuclear regulators to “consider concrete steps against tsunami waves” that might strike the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
  • Authorities in Himeji who broke up an anti-government protest on the grounds that it was “too critical” offered an apology and admitted they had violated the demonstrators’ right to freedom of assembly.
  • The killjoys at JR East have quashed a rumor that a support pillar at Tokyo Station is made from a WWII-era submarine periscope. They say the story is just an urban legend.
  • The defense ministry has established a new agency to centralize operations related to acquiring and exporting military equipment.

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6 types of Japanese people you’ll meet while living in Japan

By Evie Lund, RocketNews24

A while back, we had some fun talking about five of the more noteworthy types of foreigners you’ll meet in Japan, based upon observations drawn from our time spent working and living here in the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether you’re a Plastic Sensei, Hateimus Japanicus, Secret Ninja, Bubble Dweller or Kid in a Candy Store (or indeed, all of these at different times), we reckon there’s probably quite a lot foreign residents can find to nod their heads at when considering each of those five extreme types.

But what about the flip side of the coin? Spend enough time as a foreigner in a country like Japan—a place that’s 98.5% ethnically Japanese — and you’ll be sure to notice that Japanese people will approach you, the foreigner, in a number of different ways. Today we’d like to share our thoughts on six kinds of Japanese people foreigners might meet during their time in Japan. See how many of them you’ve come across during your time traveling or living in the country.