TBC: Morning Musing 4.7.15

I have 3 articles for your perusal this morning!

First, poor poor ALEC, but they probably should’ve thought it through:

ALEC Doesn’t Want To Be Known As A ‘Climate Denier’ Organization Anymore, And It’s Willing To Sue

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the secretive organization that brings together conservative politicians and major corporate interests, is out to correct the impression that it’s a “climate denier” organization by threatening to sue groups that refer to it as one. But after a string of abandoned sponsors, the expansive free-market group’s threat to sue Common Cause and the League of Conservation Voters appears to be more motivated by containing its public relations spiral, rather than reshaping its anti-climate and anti-clean energy agenda.

As the Washington Post reports, in recent weeks attorneys for ALEC sent letters to the two organizations asking them to immediately “cease making false statements” and “remove all false or misleading material” suggesting that ALEC does not believe that “human activity has and will continue to alter the atmosphere of the planet.”


Next, maybe a good idea:

Boycotting States: The Future For Climate Activism?

The next great moral imperative is the fight to preserve a livable climate for our children and future generations. For progressives to win this fight – and the fate of literally billions of people hangs in the balance – we will have to match the state-level success the LGBT community and its allies recently showed in changing a discriminatory Indiana law.

Conservative political leaders and their polluting funders have declared their intention to do everything possible to seize control of state governments in 2016 and block climate action. The Koch brothers have pledged to raise an unprecedented $889 million just for this election cycle.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has not merely urged states to ignore the law’s requirement for them to put forward a state implementation plan to meet the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan standards. In one of the most shocking statements ever issued by any U.S. political leader, McConnell actually admitted publicly that his goal is to stop a global deal to avert catastrophic climate change.

Finally, if you haven’t seen them in person, go before they disappear completely. They’re majestic!

Canada glaciers to shrink by 70% by 2100

The glaciers of western Canada, one of the world’s most picturesque mountain regions, are likely to largely melt away over just three generations, scientists said on Monday.

By 2100, the glaciers of Alberta and British Columbia are set to shrink by 75 percent in area compared to 2005 levels, and by 70 percent in volume, according to their predictions.

So how you doin’?  😀