TBC: Morning Musing 3.30.15

I have 3 articles for you this Monday morning!

First, cars are getting a lot better:

EPA: New Cars Are More Efficient Than Ever, Beating Standards By A ‘Wide Margin’

Vehicles from 2013 achieved an all-time record fuel economy of 24.1 mpg, a 0.5 mpg increase over 2012 and an increase of nearly 5 mpg in the last decade. The CAFE standards covering vehicles made between 2012 and 2025 are projected to save 12 billion barrels of oil, cut 6 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases and save drivers more than $8,000 in fuel costs, according to the EPA.

The standards also help protect consumers from the pocketbook pain that can come from volatile gas prices.


Next, California’s drought is getting bad:

California drought goes from bad to worse as state grapples with heat wave

According to the most recent US drought report, moderately below-average precipitation, coupled with extremely above-average temperatures, has maintained or worsened drought conditions in California. The consequences have been devastating, from shriveling reservoirs to vanishing groundwater, dying crops, thinning herds and raging wildfires.

Finally, a nice campaign:

‘We Serve Everyone’ Campaign Positively Combating Anti-Gay Laws, Celebrating Acceptance

After several states have taken it within their legislative power to legislate discrimination, the most recent being Indiana, some people have chosen that instead of just getting angry at the bigotry, they’re going to promote acceptance of all.

The campaign “Open For Service” is demonstrating positive leadership and activism by advocating for a just society accepting of everyone.

So how you doin’?  😀