TBC: Morning Musing 2.5.15

I have 3 articles for your amusement disgust perusal this morning:

First up, apparently some US Generals are not happy with Boehner and Bibi:

Netanyahu’s Congress invitation raises eyebrows among some US generals

The uniformed leaders of the U.S. military have had a testy relationship with President Barack Obama since he took office in 2009, with a number of relatively public spats revealing discord over how his administration has approached the use of military force. So it might be assumed that when a politician confronts Obama, portraying his policies on threats overseas as naive, many in the senior uniformed ranks would nod in silent affirmation. But that’s not what has happened since House Speaker John Boehner invited Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attack Obama’s Iran policy in Congress. Instead the speech, planned for next month, has rallied senior military figures behind the president, with some warning that there’s a limit to what U.S. military officers consider acceptable criticism of the commander in chief.


Serving uniformed officers are loath to comment on an inflammatory political question – “You’re inviting me to end my career,” one senior Pentagon officer told me when asked to comment on Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu, “but, if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not.” But a senior Joint Chiefs of Staff officer who regularly briefs the U.S. high command was willing to speak bluntly in exchange for anonymity. “There’s always been a lot of support for Israel in the military,” the officer said, “but that’s significantly eroded over the last few years. This caps it. It’s one thing for Americans to criticize their president and another entirely for a foreign leader to do it. Netanyahu doesn’t get it. We’re not going to side with him against the commander in chief. Not ever.”


Next, we have a book about hate mail from so-called “Christians” that really shows their true nature:

Activist Publishes Book of Hate Mail From Bible Believing Christians, Bible Believers Respond by – You Guessed It

Here are some excerpts from recent messages to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation from those who see themselves as defenders of God and goodness. The letters arrive with different fonts and tones, and from different email addresses, but the themes are painfully consistent:

Finally, the weather report does not say that it is snowing in hell, but it was a tad bit cool there today:

Anti-Abortion Republican Rejects Junk Science, Embraces Public Funding Of Birth Control

Coram does not support abortion, but that’s exactly why he thinks his colleagues should help him fund the Colorado Family Planning Initiative.

“If we can do this, make lives better for these young people, save the state of Colorado millions of dollars and prevent abortions, tell me what’s wrong with that?” Coram told the Durango Herald. “If you are against abortions and you are a fiscal conservative, you better take a long hard look at this bill because that accomplishes both of those.”

Previous studies conducted among low-income women in St. Louis have found that the national abortion rate would plummet if more women across the country could start using IUDs. In Colorado specifically, health officials estimate that the family program program reduced abortions among teenagers by about 35 percent.

So how you doin’?  😀