TBC: Morning Musing 8.29.14

So I saw this meme on Facebook today that I’m ambivalent about today.



I agree with the sentiment completely, but old dogs and all, I feel I must vote. I don’t feel complete or like a full citizen unless I exercise that right.

I know that local elections are the places that can make the most difference, but when you live in an area like mine, there really are no good choices. So for local I choose the lesser evil. And I vote on initiatives and propositions, etc…

For the biggies, I have started voting third party if it’s available, blank if it’s not. Although I do admit fighting a strong urge to write in Josiah Bartlet in the last presidential, I ended up voting for Jill Stein.

I am just so disgusted with the 2 parties in this country and their power brokers that I have a hard time even stomaching entertaining a vote for them.  And I think that the meme is exactly right. Until we all throw off those chains, nothing will get really any better. We may have a few little victories, but until both parties experience fear from the voters, nothing is going to change.

Thoughts? Anyone feeling similar? Am I totally wrong? And how you doin’?