TBC: Morning Musing 8.26.14

I was thinking about The Breakfast Club this past weekend, mulling over the format (for the editions I author), mulling over how interesting it may or may not be to readers and had some interesting ideas. Let’s face it, we all get our news 20 ways til Sunday from a million different places, and by the time you read TBC, you’ve probably heard most of it anyway. So it really is kind of just another news feed in a world of 24 hour news feeds.

So I was thinking, instead of doing just a bunch of short news stories and blog clips for The Breakfast Club, I would do something shorter and more narrow, whatever it was that intrigued me, moved me, surprised me, made me laugh, or pissed me off that day. So from now on on the days that I author, I’m going to do something different.

Without further adieu, here is poli’s Morning Musing…


That there are Climate Change deniers drives me absolutely batty. I’m the kid who loved weather. The first book I ever bought was on storms when I was all of 7 years old. I grew up in SoCal, where there really was no weather other than endless sunshine, so I remember most of the very rare storms that we experienced. I would make my friends sit by the window if we were out somewhere, just so I could see. To this day, if there’s an awesome storm, I, and if I’m with family, then either my ma or my sister cuz they’re both kind of weather freaks too, will get a good vantage point just to watch. Hell – one of the draws of the south for me was storms.

(Go ahead! Jump!)

It won’t surprise you that when I first went back to college in my early 30s, I wanted to be an Atmospheric Science major. They didn’t have an Associate’s Degree in that discipline at my Community College, so I went under Geology, and took as many Earth and Atmospheric related science courses they had. I got a pretty good education on the Earth and how it works from a scientific perspective. I had to give it up due to getting my ass kicked by Chemistry, but I made a lot of friends who were into the science and some of them are now doing it professionally or post-graduately (yes, it’s a word; I speak polian.)

So when I see all the stupid ass climate deniers around, including some folks who damn well know better yet are pandering to the lowest denominator or paying lip service to their donor corps, it pisses me off. I’ve always kind of wondered how my scientist friends and scientists in general feel about this shit. I’ve been loathe to ask my friends about it, cuz I’m fairly certain they get asked more than they would like, especially by stupid people challenging their views, so I’ve refrained. But I ran across this cool blog earlier today, where some scientists have hand written their frustrations in letters posted on the site. It’s a pretty cool site, small but pointed, and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.


The scientists

What follows are the words of real scientists. Researchers that understand climate change.

Hope you take a looksee. And how you doin’ this morning?