I forgot about Gawd’s plan for space junk

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Since the financial collapse of 2008, due entirely to the shoddy debt of wall street-tattoed wingnut financialization fucking Icelandic hookers like money and the weekend were going out of style, when the operating system of industrial civilization blue-screened, the world has understandably added something like 40% more debt.  Central bankers let their bazookas rip in order to throw good money after bad, to prop-up Ponzi schemes for one more day.  In practice that meant austerity for the poor, bail-outs for the rich, just like any other war.  That emerging markets would save the infinite growth model was a non sequitur, from the git go.  Have you looked at emerging markets lately?

In the meantime, more resource wars.  If it’s Tuesday, we must be fucking Crimea.  Wednesday’s child is full of woe.  US foreign policy is like daylight savings time: Spring forward, Fall back.  I must have been in the boy’s room when Dr. Fukuyama lectured on The End of History, because I honestly cannot ascertain what that well-funded Johns Hopkins douchebonnet was talking about.   Apparently, his douchebonnet was riddled with holes.  

Does anyone really want to talk about fracking’s savior?  I’ll gladly put fracking on a cross.  Big energy did.  That is to say, investment in exploration is no longer worth it.

Also, much faster climate change than anticipated.   I’m absolutely certain we will geo-engineer our way out of that mass extinction event.  The good news is that this would be approximately the Sixth Mass Extinction (90% < kaput), perhaps surpassing that inconceivable Permian event.  Life clung by hook, crook, and fingernail.  This is great news for all the weird little Eu- and Pro-karyotes.  

Amidst all of this, I had forgotten about the space junk with which we have polluted our very planetary aura.  Orbits tend to go one way or another.  Flying out, or crashing in.  One collision space junk, and shards go flying unpredictably into other space junk, which we call “technology.”  You don’t even need Chinese mace (their well-known ability to ‘splode satellites from the the ground) to blind the US military.  Junk orbital decay or exuberance will do nicely.  It’s not like we have Roomba vacuums up there that will clean up our messes.  It’s just one big cosmic vacuum out there, so thanks, Gawd.  

Bless my stupid little heart for forgetting Providence.