Operation Cockamamie: Manufacturing Non-Consent?

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Stars and Stripes reports…

Congressional Black Caucus instructed to hold tongue on Syria

WASHINGTON — As an increasing number of African-American lawmakers voice dissent over the Obama administration’s war plans in Syria, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus has asked members to “limit public comment” on the issue until they are briefed by senior administration officials.

A congressional aide to a caucus member called the request “eyebrow-raising,” in an interview with FP, and said the request was designed to quiet dissent while shoring up support for President Barack Obama’s Syria strategy.

The caucus, a crucial bloc of more than 40 votes the White House likely needs to authorize a military strike in Syria, is scheduled to be briefed by White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Monday. Until then, caucus chairwoman Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, has asked colleagues to “limit public comment until [they] receive additional details,” Fudge spokeswoman Ayofemi Kirby told FP.

When asked directly if the White House requested the partial gag order, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden floated a beautifully executed sidestep dodge worthy of some TalkCenter and Daily BS armchair warriors, and…

…said “the administration is reaching out to all members to ensure they have the information they need to make an informed judgment on this issue.” Kirby said it was her boss’s request and was aimed at keeping members informed rather than silencing anti-war members.

Nice of the White House to suddenly be concerned with ensuring they have the information they need to make an informed judgment on this issue. That should help ease Graysons concerns, eh?

by refusing to disclose the underlying data even to members of Congress, the administration is making it impossible for anyone to judge, independently, whether that statement is correct. Perhaps the edict of an earlier administration applies: “Trust, but verify.”

I’m beginning to wonder now if maybe there is something to the years of obot claims of obama’s eleventy dimensional genius at work here. He’s driving so many people away from wanting to have anything to do with him now that I suppose it’s possible we’ve badly misjudged him and he’s really a trojan horse far left DFH anti war idealist and this is his way of making sure the US never attacks Syria?

But I could be misreading things. John Kerry assured the world this morning that he now has 34 countries lined up to support obama’s drive to commit war crimes, but he just can’t for the life of him find his list or remember who they are. Apparently French is the national language in all of them, however. For more on this latest development, see Operation Cockamamie: The Damascus Follies

Looking over the week’s crazy developments, I can see only one coherent strand in Obama’s foreign policy.  He wants to make sure that John Kerry and Hillary Clinton will never be elected president.  After sacrificing Hillary’s career on the blood-streaked walls of Benghazi he had Kerry appear before the Congress and take positions utterly at odds with those he’s taken all his life, supplied him with information disputed by other members of the administration, and had him make  indefensible statements without any evidentiary support at all.

By way of example, Kerry asserted that the chemical weapons case against Syria was “undeniable.”  At the same time, the administration offered up a contradictory assessment that “U.S. intelligence has concluded ‘with some degree of varying confidence’ that the Syrian government has twice used chemical weapons.  He told Congress that the military strikes planned against Syria would not be “war,” although he conceded that there might be “boots on the ground” called for.  He raised eyebrows when he said Arab countries had offered to bankroll an invasion of Syria.  How do you ask an American soldier to be the first to die to advance the interests of the Saudis?

When pressed, he backtracked and said, “There will not be boots on the ground” in connection with the Syrian civil war.  He asserted that 34 countries supported this endeavor.  Representative Salmon asked for the names of those countries, and Kerry was forced to respond, “Uh, I don’t have the list with me.”  We still have not seen the list.  We do know that the British Parliament, in a very rare move, refused, and France’s response seems to be “Like, call me maybe.”

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    • Edger on September 8, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    Mockery Avoidance would be a much better strategy for obama to pursue.  

    • Edger on September 8, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    off the shelves. Raytheon can’t keep up with their own share value and may have to authorize overtime pay at minimum wage for account receivable clerks, the poor buggers. You gotta feel for ’em, although I suppose they could use part-timers to avoid paying benefits.

    Reports that the United States is very near to launching an attack against Syria to punish Damascus for the use of chemical weapons sent Raytheon’s stock price to a 52-week high this week.

    Who is Raytheon? The manufacturer of the BGM-109, more commonly known as the Tomahawk missile, the weapon of choice of the Obama administration in any strike against Syria.

    Raytheon stock has surged over the past two months, coinciding with the biggest U.S. military build-up America has mounted since it launched an assault against Libya in 2011.


    Raytheon has delivered 252 missiles this fiscal year and 361 last fiscal year. War with Syria means that there would likely be a future increase in orders for the missiles, which can go for about $1 million a pop. In the 2011 U.S. military adventure into Libya, 124 Tomahawk missiles were fired by U.S. and UK ships against Libyan targets. The Libya campaign would give a comparable bar on how many Tomahawk missiles will be used in a Syrian campaign.

    Raytheon CEO William H.(Happy) Swanson was recorded singing in the shower this morning by the NSA:

    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

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