Shallow, Fascist America

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We’re launching yet another war against a Middle Eastern country on the basis of false pretenses.  Our own damned government is spying on our every communication.  People who expose crimes by our government are thrown in prison for decades or forced into exile and hiding.  High ranking criminals get away with their crimes.  The rich keep getting richer at the expense of everyone else.  Our leaders declare they can have us killed without even the Constitutionally-mandated niceties of charging us with any crime at all, let alone any warranting the death penalty.  The Constitution no longer applies.  Politicians are bought and owned by the wealthy, which trample our rights with impunity.  The world is burning and yet we keep drilling and fracking.

Yet the most pressing story of the day is how shameful Miley Cyrus’ antics on stage at an MTV award show were.

I really could not care less if Miley Cyrus sexes it up Lady Gaga-style.  Hell, let her strip completely naked and gyrate against my crotch any day.  What bothers me about all that is the relative lack of criticism of Robin Thicke’s Beetlejuice-inspired zoot suit, or his own hit single’s sexually questionable tone — there are no blurred lines of consent.

Most especially, what bothers me about all the uproar over some bratty singer is that it takes place over and above weighty issues like war, the destruction of civil liberties, and the impending environmental apocalypse from which we cannot recover.

As I type, the National Security Agency is collecting our every text message, e-mail, telephone conversation, online chat, and snail-mail letter, and storing it for use against us.  The question Americans should be asking isn’t, “If I’ve done nothing wrong, why be worried?”  It’s, “If I’ve done nothing wrong, why does my government need to spy on me?”  Yet these and other necessary questions aren’t being posed to us by the “liberal” talking heads at MSNBC, and they sure as hell aren’t being asked by the Fox Noise crowd.

The dictator of the United States has murdered American citizens, without so much as charging them with a crime, having declared them guilty, having usurped the power of the courts system.  He has declared guilty those who have exposed government crimes for all the world to see, and some of them are now behind bars for coming forward and telling the truth.  The ones who aren’t yet dead or imprisoned may soon be.  But why aren’t we hearing about this in our corporate-owned media?

Not content to violate the Constitution in bombing Libya, Obama is now preparing to attack Syria and overthrow its leader, all without Congressional authorization.  Only Congress may declare war and authorize other military action, yet Obama has gone even further — even more extreme — than Bush and Cheney in usurping the powers of the Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

Where is the outrage?

Oh yeah.  It’s being directed at some little hottie, some former Disney starlet, over her very adult decisions as to what she wants to do with her public persona.

This nation has priorities that can only be described as F.U.B.A.R.