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Photos of the JoJo train are finally here and it’s not just the outside that looks cool

Earlier this week, we told you about the Yamanote Line train that will be decked out with the characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle (coming to PS3 on August 29). At the time, we could only provide you with a few artist renditions of what the train might look like. But now, may we proudly present to you 31 photos of the actual JoJo train, inside and out!

On August 26 at 5:57am, the first Yamanote Line train of the day pulled out of Osaki Station. This wasn’t the ordinary lime green-striped train that thousands of commuters have come to know, this one was special. The exterior, interior, monitors, and even the advertisements hanging from the carriage ceiling were covered in JoJo. On each side of the doors, the very same characters from the manga were proudly displayed for all to see.

 photo actual-images-of-jojo_s-bizarre-adventure-all-star-battle-train-ps3-27_zps9f1524f5.jpg

 photo actual-images-of-jojo_s-bizarre-adventure-all-star-battle-train-ps3-6_zps0dda0e02.jpg



Number of foreign professionals that the government hoped to attract via a new “points-based preferential immigration system” introduced last May


Number of foreigners who have taken advantage of the program

1.13 million

Lightning strikes in Japan last year, according to private weather company Franklin Japan


A Cabinet Office survey has revealed that 71 percent of Japanese people are “satisfied or somewhat satisfied” with their lives-the first time since 1995 that the figure has topped 70 percent.

Toshie Tanaka, 47, became Japan’s first female prefectural police chief when she assumed the top cop job in Iwate.

A high school baseball player in Aomori taking part in the Koshien summer tournament “tackled and overpowered” a knife-wielding man who was attacking a woman in the stadium parking lot.

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan sued current PM Shinzo Abe for defamation over a claim made by Abe that Kan lied about making “the courageous decision to pump seawater” into a nuclear reactor during the crisis at Fukushima in 2011.


 And Unaware

Riddle Me This

What’s In The Closet?

She Showed Him


Ainu struggle to find solution for hundreds of unidentified skeletons

August 31, 2013

By KENJI IZUMI/ Staff Writer

SAPPORO--Wearing robes displaying intricate designs, an indigenous Ainu group offered flowers and prayers for the souls of more than 1,000 ancestors during a memorial ritual called Icarpa.

“We want to inherit our ancestors’ thoughts without forgetting the history of hardships and humiliation the Ainu people have suffered,” Tadashi Kato, executive director of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido, said in his speech at the Icarpa on Aug. 2.

The Ainu say the humiliation continues to this day concerning those same ancestors. Their skeletons had been dug up from graves for research purposes and were handled in a slipshod manner.