nobody covering events in London?

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Brutal, fatal cleaver assault in London called a terrorist attack

They first hit the man, thought to be a British soldier, with a car in broad daylight. Then the two attackers hacked him to death..

According to CNN, one of the attackers said the killing was an “eye for an eye” … a retaliation for Muslims who are “dying daily.”

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and I’m thinking…   the Western world’s thinning veneer is starting to show its cracks.

Our societal center of gravity, the rule of law, has collapsed. It’s this simple…

PhotobucketOrdinary people will begin to take action off-the-grid and right into the face of the power players. Yeah, that lawless and unregulated bunch whose off-the-grid greed has corrupted the ability of our country and others to function. Our very relationships as neighbors and citizens become destabilized when the law is not upheld. Innocent people get hurt or die as ordinary people take their actions off the grid, feeling squeezed and without any other recourse… lawlessness spreads… rules become ineffective as boundaries.

This is what happens when the lawless few are not held to account.

Whether bringing us into war to protect or steal resources in another country or rigging an entire financial system, the powerful few are not only not in front of grand juries but, instead, are still involved in decision-making by our government.

War profiteers, arms makers cum black market arms dealers, drug dealers, Wall Streeters, bankers, corporate conglomerate heads… all the lying and destruction and nobody is held accountable. Except the ordinary people being on the losing end and somewhere at the intersection of uncertainty and insanity, some poor guy walking down a London street today gets hacked to death. Who wants to live this way?

Many western governments, on behalf of their true silent corporate constituency, take tax dollars and give them to people who have created an economy based on death and destruction.

We must insist on peace, an end to the war on terror, and the reinstatement of the rule of law.