The American Family Society is Association is Afraid of Facebook 20120626

The AFA just gets more and more afraid to allow commentators to say her or his piece.

The started out allowing anyone to post a comment, but the comments got too intense for them, and likely too litigious for them, so they stopped allowing folks to post directly.

Then they allowed the comments to be hosted by Facebook, and that relieved of a lot of liability.  Me, always being a rebel, challenged them at all corners about abdicating their control of the comment threads when the asshole Tim Wildmon decided to do that.  By the way, he is a very nasty and hateful person.  I have connexions with him that go back decades, and he is a raciest bigot, and a hater.

So they went to Facebook to avoid any liability.  Now Facebood is not good enough for them, so they require the subscription service Disqus to serve their purposes now.  There is no way that I will sign up there just to satisfy the ONN now bigots!

As a matter of fact, a site that I post to regularly has the Disqus option, but allows free comments to the site itself.  Wildmon is too much of a coward to allow HIS (acutally, dear old bigoted Dad’s) site to be responsible for statements that I personally have reported to the Secret Service from ONN.  The AFA is sort of a Christian Taliban, and Tim Wildmon has attorneys to keep his hate filled persona from getting the blame when people there make threats.

As an afterthought, are there any attorneys out there that would take on the AFA pro bono and strip that fake “charity” of their tax exempt status?  I hope so.

I know Wildmon’s tactics, and it would not surprise me that such a little, hateful person would come after me.  He is a true asshole, and his entire organization needs to be exposed for what it is:  haters, well organized.

I do not often write political pieces, but I thought that this one was important.  Please wish well for me and the woman that I love!

Warmest regards,