Can marijuana be an effective treatment for glaucoma?

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Medical marijuana has been used to reduce acute and chronic pain associated with cancer patients and the terminally ill with remarkable efficiency. It also has a rich history of providing relief from such things as nausea, headaches, menstrual cramps, and painful muscle spasms. So for people that suffer from these ailments plus many more that marijuana can help with, they’re able to order their medicine online and have it delivered to them from websites like Bud 365 and others.

After cataracts, glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide and has reached over 60 million people. Glaucoma is caused by a progressive accumulation of excess fluid in the body of the eye. When excess fluid causes increased pressure in the eye, the optic nerve can become seriously compromised leading to blindness. Research results from as far back as 1970 found that marijuana contains active ingredients that can both reduce intraocular pressure in the eye and the pain caused by it.

The medical benefits of marijuana are not a new phenomenon in this country. In contrast, before 1937, there were about 27 different types of prescription drugs that contained THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A pharmaceutical company like Eli Lilly and Squibb has developed several of these drugs based on THC with relatively high degrees of success. However, the federal government, by adopting the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, caused the general prohibition of marijuana to be used as a medicine legally.

Exactly how medical marijuana works in glaucoma treatment is not completely understood, but it is thought that marijuana produces certain chemicals that can effectively reduce intraocular pressure in the eye.

For some people, being able to make this type of difference to a person’s life could give them a reason of their own to help continue this positive impact. It has been no secret that many people have been using medical cannabis to help with certain physical and mental conditions and have noticed a difference. To ensure they have an improved quality of life, some people may rely on cannabis businesses to provide them with the necessary products to help them. To do this, the owners of these types of businesses will need to look for some quotes to help set up their insurance, accounting and marketing, and places like Bakedlink may be able to help them in this area, (Get more info here). Without cannabis businesses, it would be harder for people who are suffering from glaucoma to get the relief they are looking for.

Conventional treatment for glaucoma has focused on the preservation of vision by slowing the deterioration of the optic nerve caused by a dangerous increase in intraocular pressure. Treatment options involve drugs that lower the pressure inside the eye. This is why medical marijuana has received much attention in patients with glaucoma.

A major disadvantage of having to use medical marijuana to relieve symptoms of glaucoma is that marijuana has a fairly short-lived duration of its effectiveness and this period is usually limited to only two or three hours. This requires that glaucoma patients use cannabis up to eight times a day to get the same kind of relief other glaucoma medications currently provide.

As most of the marijuana taken to treat glaucoma is consumed by smoking, a patient must consider the risks associated with smoke inhalation. Street marijuana is not organically grown and therefore often contains impurities that can cause damage to both the lungs and trachea of the patient. This is less true with medical marijuana, which is one reason why patients with glaucoma have urged lawmakers to legislate the use of medicinal marijuana. You might be interested in looking at various companies that distribute medical marijuana. If you live in the Michigan area, you could look at one of the lansing dispensaries they have available. However, if you live elsewhere, you could try and find another company more local to you that also focuses on securing marijuana that will hopefully make glaucoma slightly easier for sufferers.

Currently there are 17 states that allow medicinal use of marijuana for certain types of diseases. In order to access these products, patients require a medical marijuana card. There are a number of routes to getting a medical marijuana card, including a $25 medical card that you can read more about at Glaucoma is one example of a disease that people can treat with marijuana. Currently, in states like California, medical marijuana is legal as long as the patient can produce identification, a medical marijuana card, and the recommendation of 420 doctor use, which identifies the patient as a person who received a recommendation for physicians to treat the disease of the medical subject in question.

Upon obtaining these documents, a patient may consult a medical marijuana dispensary in a local clinic to get their medicine.