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On This Day In History March 18

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This is your morning Open Thread. Pour your favorite beverage and review the past and comment on the future.

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March 18 is the 77th day of the year (78th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 288 days remaining until the end of the year.

On this day in 1766, the British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act

After four months of widespread protest in America, the British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act, a taxation measure enacted to raise revenues for a standing British army in America. However, the same day, Parliament passed the Declaratory Acts, asserting that the British government had free and total legislative power over the colonies.

The Stamp Act of 1765 (short title Duties in American Colonies Act 1765; 5 George III, c. 12) was a direct tax imposed by the British Parliament specifically on the colonies of British America. The act required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London and carrying an embossed revenue stamp. These printed materials were legal documents, magazines, newspapers and many other types of paper used throughout the colonies. Like previous taxes, the stamp tax had to be paid in valid British currency, not in colonial paper money. The purpose of the tax was to help pay for troops stationed in North America after the British victory in the Seven Years’ War. The British government felt that the colonies were the primary beneficiaries of this military presence, and should pay at least a portion of the expense.

The Stamp Act met great resistance in the colonies. The colonies sent no representatives to Parliament, and therefore had no influence over what taxes were raised, how they were levied, or how they would be spent. Many colonists considered it a violation of their rights as Englishmen to be taxed without their consent, consent that only the colonial legislatures could grant. Colonial assemblies sent petitions and protests. The Stamp Act Congress held in New York City, reflecting the first significant joint colonial response to any British measure, also petitioned Parliament and the King. Local protest groups, led by colonial merchants and landowners, established connections through correspondence that created a loose coalition that extended from New England to Georgia. Protests and demonstrations initiated by the Sons of Liberty often turned violent and destructive as the masses became involved. Very soon all stamp tax distributors were intimidated into resigning their commissions, and the tax was never effectively collected.

Opposition to the Stamp Act was not limited to the colonies. British merchants and manufacturers, whose exports to the colonies were threatened by colonial economic problems exacerbated by the tax, also pressured Parliament. The Act was repealed on March 18, 1766 as a matter of expedience, but Parliament affirmed its power to legislate for the colonies “in all cases whatsoever” by also passing the Declaratory Act. This incident increased the colonists’ concerns about the intent of the British Parliament that helped the growing movement that became the American Revolution.

Health and Fitness News

Welcome to the Health and Fitness weekly diary which is cross-posted from The Stars Hollow Gazette. It is open for discussion about health related issues including diet, exercise, health and health care issues, as well as, tips on what you can do when there is a medical emergency. Also an opportunity to share and exchange your favorite healthy recipes.

Questions are encouraged and I will answer to the best of my ability. If I can’t, I will try to steer you in the right direction. Naturally, I cannot give individual medical advice for personal health issues. I can give you information about medical conditions and the current treatments available.

You can now find past Health and Fitness News diaries here and on the right hand side of the Front Page.

Tostadas With a Healthy Foundation

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Microwave-Toasted Tortilla Chips

Cut the tortillas in half or into quarters, or leave whole. Place as many as will fit in one layer on a plate and microwave on full power for 1 minute. Turn over the tortilla pieces (they’ll be wet on the bottom) and microwave again for a minute. The chips should be browned and crisp. If they are not, turn over once more and microwave for another 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat with the remaining tortillas until all of them are done. They’ll remain crispy for several hours.

Note: The process will take less time if you air-dry the tortillas on a rack for an hour or so before microwaving.

Barbecued Chicken and Mushroom Tostadas

If you’re cooking for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, make a batch using mushrooms alone.

Crabmeat Tostadas

Give the stove the night off; other than toasting the tortillas, no cooking is required for these light and zesty tostadas.

Vegetable Tostadas With Dark Chili-Garlic Sauce

Seasonal vegetables get a rich, spicy coating in this flavorful tostada topping.

Tostadas With Sweet and Hot Peppers and Eggs

This variation on huevos rancheros makes a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bean Tostadas

Topped with avocado and cheese, these hearty tostadas will please both the vegetarians and the meat-eaters in your household.

Six In The Morning

On Sunday

U.S. Faces a Tricky Task in Assessment of Data on Iran


While American spy agencies have believed that the Iranians halted efforts to build a nuclear bomb back in 2003, the difficulty in assessing the government’s ambitions was evident two years ago, when what appeared to be alarming new intelligence emerged, according to current and former United States officials.

Intercepted communications of Iranian officials discussing their nuclear program raised concerns that the country’s leaders had decided to revive efforts to develop a weapon, intelligence officials said.

That, along with a stream of other information, set off an intensive review and delayed publication of the 2010 National Intelligence Estimate, a classified report reflecting the consensus of analysts from 16 agencies. But in the end, they deemed the intercepts and other evidence unpersuasive, and they stuck to their longstanding conclusion.

Sunday’s Headlines:

The secrets of Saif Gaddafi’s jail: chef, satellite TV and a basketball court for just one

An IoS investigation: To the Chinese and the Indians, the spoils of a terrible war

Search for Identity Reveals World War II Crime

Africa Union fails to break leadership deadlock

Syrian surgeon: Why I’m risking my life to treat protesters

Late Night Karaoke

Dealing with People Who Lie 20120317

This is a very difficult topic for me, because I have now realized that I have to do that.  I wish that I did not, but I do.

Before I go on any further, let me say that I used to lie.  That was in my cheating days, and I really regret the cheating.  It destroyed my marriage, and I was married to one who still remains one of the most wonderful people in the world.

I lied to spare her feelings a bit, but honestly, to keep my ass from being trouble for the most part.  That is how liars work.  They lie to avoid the consequences of their actual actions.  But I really did, at least for some part, to spare her feelings.

“You don’t want a Caucasian taco.”

I seldom comment on conservatives, because, well, just listening to them disengorge the recesses of their imaginations renders me speechless:

h/t twolf @ dependable renegade