Barack Obama can blow me


So, rather than prosecuting actual war criminals, the president is letting Congress use an outdated, illicit authorization for giant fucking war crimes devised by mass murderers, crafted by torturers and based on lies to justify taking away the Bill of Rights from us regular law-abiding citizens.  I guess the so-called “evil-doers” and “terrorists” abroad won’t be hating us for our freedoms anymore, after Obama rolls back 800 years of law.  This fascist defensive over-reaction is predictable from a president who himself is guilty of heinous war crimes in multiple countries, not to mention his abetting all-time record-breaking, imagination boggling financial crimes here at home.  No wonder this murdering thief, this constitutional scholar in name only is afraid of the law.  He rightly fears justice.  No wonder his guilty mind led him to pre-emptively brand us potential enemies of the state.