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The Ohio Sheriff’s Department had the chance to go big game hunting without even having to buy airline tickets to Africa:

Ohio farm owner killed himself after letting animals loose, police say

Police say the owner of a wild animal preserve set wolves, bears, and lions free before dying from a self-inflicted wound.

This story is in The Guardian.

In all, so far, the authorities have killed :

  18 Bengal Tigers, 17 Lions, 8 Bears, 1 Wolf.

There’s more:

The sheriff is advising that all animals, including monkeys, must be killed because they are dangerous, aggressive, or a health threat from being infected with Herpes virus.  According to authorities, the animals were freed by the farm’s owner who was disgruntled over many disagreements about the farm.  The owner then “killed himself,” although there is no information about how.

I don’t really know anything about the history of relations between the owner of the Exotic Animal Farm, the Sheriff, and the community. I can’t help but think, however, that there could have been a better way to handle this than getting to the point of finding it necessary to kill these animals.  Bengal Tigers, as davidseth has so eloquently pointed out, are an endangered species.  For me, I believe that all animals, all life forms are my brothers and sisters.  We must not kill them.  How did they let it get this far?

A peek at the web site for the Muskingam County Sheriff gives me a clue.  It seems to depict a very paranoid, security – law and order obsessed mind set.  In addition to it’s prose introduction, the site offers 7 clickable links, only two of which are benign:  1) Area radar weather map, 2) Drug task force tip line, 3)Homeland Security Advisory noting that the threat level is “Elevated,” 4) Clickable link to the “Drug Free Action Alliance, 5)Amber Alert Ticker, 6)The “Family Watchdog: “Find Nearby Sex Offenders, and 7) Link for the hearing impaired.  This seems to me, to say the least, just a tad one-sided.  Everything’s a threat out there folks.” If interested, here’s the web page:

On behalf of Sheriff Matt Lutz, we would like to welcome you to the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office web site. The purpose of this site is to provide the residents of Muskingum County information regarding the Sheriff’s Office and its role in keeping Muskingum County safe. Our web site has been designed to be informative and to provide you with tools to assist our agency in providing better law enforcement services to our area.

The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association has created a Facebook page and a Twitter account that lists felony arrests made in the state of Ohio. You can view these pages by visiting the links below:!/ohio_sh…

Founded March 1, 1804, Muskingum County is located in east-central Ohio, approximately 45 miles east of Columbus. We have a population of over 85,000 in an area of 664 square miles.

The Sheriff’s Office employs approximately 120 people. Our duties include Law Enforcement, Court Security, Service of Papers, Jail Operations, Extradition Process and Transport of Prisoners.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office is to promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality in services provided to all members of our community.



    emphasis mine.  Find it here

I guess the animals are not members of the community.

I don’t want to minimize that wild animals, especially big cats, can be dangerous: I do hope to appeal to a little more balance instead of such a shoot first attitude toward every rustling in the leaves.

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    • dharmasyd on October 20, 2011 at 12:35 am

    …for saving all us animals.  NOW.

  1. I confess that when it comes to animals, I am super sensitive and sometimes, it takes a while to even look at issues of pure cruelty toward them.

    Just to think that these beautiful animals, who were, obviously, well cared for, deserved to die for no reason other than their very existence is beyond disturbing.  Do you truly believe that they might not have been subdued, thus, rescued and given an “appropriate” home?  And one has to wonder at what sort of resistance to the owner he might have suffered causing him to take his own life, period!

    “Killing,” these days seems to be a sport “video-type” game enjoyed by so many levels.  Remember, Assange and Bradley Manning?  Yes, we saw an “apache helicopter” take great triumph in shooting how many innocent citizens, including children in Iraq.  And OUR response was to incarcerate Bradley Manning!

    For me, it is “symptomatic” of the illness in our society, perhaps, the world.  In this same scenario, we have to think about all the innocent ocean life, marsh life, bird life, sooo much life that was/is treated inconsequentially.  Without delving too much into the emotional aspects, the perpetrators of all this killing are destroying the ecological balance of nature, without which, we will not survive.

    We are gradually killing off species of animals, both of  land, ocean and flight!  But the soul aches — once gone, they are gone, never to be replaced.

    I thank you for highlighting this story, even though it sickens me so!!!!


    • TMC on October 20, 2011 at 4:40 am

    There are only about 1800 Bengal Tigers in the world. These damn ignorant fools just killed 1% of these magnificent animals.


    TIGER, tiger, burning bright

    In the forests of the night,

    What immortal hand or eye

    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    • Diane G on October 20, 2011 at 4:47 am

    This is a result of LIBERTARIAN principles.

    Ohio has no restrictions on exotics.

    Libertarians are the epitome of selfishness, “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me!” In the meantime, they abuse people, animals and the environment for their own selfishness.

    The Police over-reaction is horrifying.

    Its Bubba-bad ass mentality, I bet they are drinking beer right now, “I killed me a Tiger, how many of you fucks can say that?”

    Between the notion Americans ca do whatever we want, and the siege mentality of the Police State, it is amazing more tragedies have NOT happened.

    Now, that people are unifying? It threatens both ends of that spectrum, the ones with no regard for others or the common good, and the ones who think that blind subservience or deadly force is the answer.

    It may not be pretty, but we are the 99%

    • dharmasyd on October 20, 2011 at 7:04 am

    I was just so horrified with this story, I had to soothe my rage by writing it out.

  2. although the sheriff sounded really upset and he said they shot the tiger with a tranq dart, but it only enraged it.

    It also sounds like most of the animals were waiting around their cages, maybe hoping to be fed.

    Speaking of weird places for tigers, I walked around a downtown city street in August, and there was an 18 wheel truck full of tigers smack there right parked 3 feet away, right by the curb. 5 of them, of two different types at least.

    August in Mexico–it was maybe 105- 110 that day; like every day.

    I looked closely, expecting all sorts of sores and evidence of ill-treatment, but they all looked fine and in good shape. And, they looked like they’d eat me in 10 seconds flat. Just weird.  

    • dharmasyd on October 21, 2011 at 9:42 am

    …for the lift…

  3. use the dart gun, and failing to have any affect, and being afraid that night would come, and being afraid that the wild animals would not be able to be found, and that, therefore, they had to shoot to kill is just pure BS.  Seriously.

    Most of animals seem to have been around their cages.  They probably needed to be fed. If they wandered off, fine.  There was an alert telling everybody to get in their houses and to bring their pets in.  I have no idea what the rush was.  Even if it took overnight to get a big enough tranq dart, even if people had to be inconvenienced for 24 hours, it would have been worth it.

    I am extra very angry about this incident.  1% of the world’s tigers dead in a few minutes.  And let’s not discuss the other big cats, lions, jaguar, panther.

    I don’t care what the ideology of the Sheriff’s Dept was.  This sucked as a matter of keeping the community safe: unnecessary force, unnecessary killng of endangered animals, hysteria.  What a bunch of yahoos.

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