The Big ‘trickle down’ Con!

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Everyone seems focused on this comment answer to a regular folk:

“Corporations are people, my friend.”

And to a degree they should be no matter what the corporate controlled supreme’s say. But it’s the Con phrase following that should also raise the ire:

“Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people.”

And romney isn’t the only one, as this is the, once republican, tepublican parties long time ideology. And yep in today’s, now some thirty years plus, new capitalism he’s right. ‘People’ as in the executives who frankly don’t do much, and many become movie star celeb types, but get the huge compensation packages as well as personal and corporate write offs. Or like in his case buying up businesses and destroying jobs and what they once were or just plain breaking them up and pocketing what the scraps of are sold for. It also trickles to the big wall street gamblers, who need the millions of small investor money to play with, not investing in business nor job or economic growth, getting returns on what the bottom line cruncher execs can squeeze from those working for or canned from.

That’s where the ‘trickle down’ stops as wages and benefits are stagnated, and have been for years now, or reversed for the greater masses who actually do the work, or as workers are canned for no reason and workloads added to those who have yet to be. States and communities beg for corporations by giving sweetheart deals, trying to out do others, and who pays for the needed infrastructure if won as well as upkeep on for years, why the masses who are not going forward but are now loosing rapidly what once was when they actually did share in their labors and once pride of what they produced, that grew the middle class, and that along with our innovative workforce and more who produced the products others wanted made us the envy of the World.

Those that once envied are now moving rapidly forward while we fall just as rapidly! They now have the many years with the once envied trades that have died out here which brings the much needed experience and with that the innovations that come with. They have built the needed engineer corps as we turned to service industries. They are producing that which we now need to purchase from them  and much of that we not only want we need just to maintain the now destroyed American Dream fantasy!

This is what we’re leaving to our coming generations, not that which was built and left to us by our grandparents and parents and us older farts actually worked in and tried to keep going!!